Small rug OP ART


Small handmade indoor tufted rug!

Dimensions: 55 x 70 cm (+/- 2%)

Design inspired by MO museum OP ART exhibition.

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Small handmade indoor tufted rug OP ART!

Dimensions: 55 x 70 cm (+/- 2%); Thickness: 1,5 cm

Design inspired by MO museum (modern art museum in Vilnius) OP ART exhibition. The color palette and lines of artist Juozas Pilipavičius were perfect for the rug.

This rug is made of wool which was rescued from a secondhand shop. In today’s world, we produce too many textile products, so it is very important to use what’s already been made – recycle. This solution is perfect for colorful rugs where you do not need full cones of yarn. We all can play a small part in a better tomorrow.

This rug was made using a punch needle which helps create a soft loop pile. The rug has a soft felt backing.

Please note the rugs are handmade and slight variations can occur. There might be some color differences, due to color displaying on different monitors

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 75 cm

100% wool


Inspired Op art, mix colours

Rug size

55 x 70 cm


2 cm


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